Can weight loss cause hair loss?

 Can weight loss cause hair loss? Can weight loss affect hair??

if weight loss is the goal, then at least lean yourself down first!

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“The cause of hair loss will come and go with the shifts of the earth’s rotation but the effect will not. Even more disturbing is the phenomenon of growth and replacement. “No wonder the good doctor has weighed in on hair loss- “It’s a crapshoot-“Most hair is gone in the second year, the good news being that it can be repainted-hard-as we move through the changing seasons.” He is a damn fine hair therapist. We do, however, remain hopeful-“No, do not wax,” he warns us.

 “Many of the same issues appear in female patterns, which means weight loss has far more effect on female pattern hair loss than the male pattern. Of course, in the female, the effect comes first, but if weight loss is the goal, then at least lean yourself down first!” So remember that if you are trying to lose weight- and it is related to your hair, you have other issues on your plate besides hair loss, like joint pain, fat deposition, and thyroid issues. This is serious- this should be on a first step instead of a fifth step.

Obesity-induced thinning hair is considered a type of reversible hair loss by the International Longevity Center-USA, Inc., and the underlying mechanism seems to be complicated and hair follicles could potentially lose their form when the body becomes extremely obese.

Heavy hair loss is a common symptom of weight loss, and it usually starts from the neck and upper chest and spreads out to cover the scalp. Women often lose more weight than men after losing weight but men can be as thin as their partners.

Hair loss caused by weight loss is known as compensated thinning, and as it sounds, this is exactly what can occur when someone loses too much weight and eventually regains their normal weight. Compensated thinning hair can result in progressive hair loss or increased hair loss after a heavyweight loss.

But it can also go the other way. In this scenario, weight loss causes hair growth too. The drastic weight loss can lead to increased hair growth but not in the way one may expect.

In weight loss, hair follicles use more nutrients to grow faster because of the extra weight on the body. The extra nutrition is taken by the follicles, which have to use more nutrients to grow hair. It is a mechanism of growth. Hair growth actually helps in reducing fat in the body, which means that weight loss could indirectly help regain or maintain healthy body weight.

Even though it seems impossible that weight loss can cause hair loss, many studies prove this theory wrong. One study revealed that weight loss could cause hair thinning but this doesn’t happen because of fat formation in the follicles but in the opposite way. The end result is that the hair becomes thicker but the follicles are not getting as many nutrients.

The most widely known method to reduce body weight is to lose weight and eventually regain it. With such a simple method of weight loss, you have the choice to avoid unwanted hair loss as well as weight gain.

Weight loss causes hair loss is a common myth, even if it seems unrealistic to imagine a weight loss that doesn’t have a negative impact on the body’s health. So, if you want to lose weight but lose your hair, it might be worth considering some of the ways to combat weight loss and get your body back on track.

The best way to lose weight while getting your hair back on track?

Understand that weight loss doesn’t have to make you go bald. It is possible to lose weight without losing your hair. Be confident and know that you can achieve a healthy body weight that brings your body back to its optimal form.

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